Brian Rayhack

Professional Overview

Education, Finance, and Sales

Brian Rayhack lives in West Des Moines, Iowa, and has worked as a technical sales representative for over fifteen years. Working in the biofuels industry, he has become an expert in enzymes and chemistries that are used in ethanol plant processes.

With his years of experience in sales, Brian has developed a strong work ethic and crucial professional philosophies that have helped him thrive. He strives to maintain trust, loyalty, and respect when interacting with customers and is passionate about driving value. Additionally, he is adept at problem-solving and helping find the best services and solutions for his clients. These values have helped him to build strong relationships with customers and have led to a successful career.

Before launching his sales career, Brian Rayhack lived in San Diego while working on his Masters in Business Administration. While living there, he worked as a brewer, learning a unique set of skills and expanding his professional experience. He focused on finance and investing in his studies, which continues to be a passion and interest he pursues. Brian considers himself highly knowledgeable about finances and enjoys helping others understand how to manage money and investments well. He is particularly interested in health savings accounts and how to utilize their benefits effectively.

Outside of his professional sphere, Brian Rayhack is a man with many interests who enjoys finding new experiences to enjoy. Currently, he is the present of Westbrook Ranch Townhomes in West Des Moines, a community Home Owner’s Association. Brian has enjoyed this position and being able to help improve the community. He is also very active and enjoys running and playing hockey and golf. Last year, he ran his first half marathon after working hard to train and prepare. Having played ice hockey for Vanderbilt during his time there, he strives to stay up-to-date on their sports teams.

At home, Brian Rayhack and his wife own two cats, Oscar and Darla, who they adore. After one of them was diagnosed with feline asthma, Brian spent a lot of time researching the condition and possible treatments to ensure they can provide the best quality of life possible. He also owns two Teslas and is passionate about the brand. Brian and his wife enjoy traveling to new places when they have the chance.